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Am I actually a cat?

Just before Christmas we bought a FeliwayΒ diffuser for the cat. It diffuses a calming cat hormone round the room, so the cat gets less stressed, apparently. The vets recommend it and I have heard it works, so I thought we should give it a try, since Pebble gets upset if she’s left alone and Christmas does require a certain amount of visiting.

I’m not sure whether it helped her or not, since I have no way knowing whether she would have chucked up due to stress without it or not, but she seemed OK.

Pebby is cute πŸ™‚

If you’ve been following my blog, you may have noticed I have had a stress condition for about a year now. Obviously, preparing for Christmas can be stressful, so when my stress dipped somewhat after the festivities it was merely noted with relief. The New Year is a positive time for me, fresh beginnings, a new Grand Plan, which has been going excellently for 2 weeks now, so it seems quite reasonable for my anxiety levels to be low.

I felt a bit anxious yesterday though, and today felt quite problematically anxious. Also not all that strange, I had a difficult bit of admin to do, which I had been putting off and couldn’t any longer. Being adminphobic, that and some bickering with the husband seemed a reasonable explanation.

Then I noticed the Feliway had run out.

It’s supposed to last a month, so I’m guessing it only just ran out. I should have kept an eye on it of course, but didn’t. And then I suddenly thought:

What if all that is not a coincidence and the logical explanation is not the real one?

What if the Feliway was working on me??

What if I’m actually a cat?!?



January 17, 2012 at 8:13 PM 5 comments


This time last year I was inconsolable. This day last year we buried my beloved cat Cinnamon after half a year of kidney failure. I was bereft, not only had I not got my precious cat any more, but I had no cat at all, and I felt like I had betrayed her because I had to have her put to sleep which felt like murder, but also guilty if I had hung onto her for too long.


And Pebble, who has been my beloved kitty since August, has been particularly loving and attentive today. It’s as if she knows. Maybe she does, somehow. At least, I’m sure she can sense that I feel sad and in special need of her.


She has been super cuddly, followed me round even more than usual and has entertained me by playing cutely with string, her favourite toy.

Nonono! Don't stop playing with that string!

Cats are great, I wouldn’t be without one πŸ™‚

For more about Cinnamon click the Cats tab, I did a long post about her a while back.

June 2, 2011 at 9:46 PM 4 comments

Why cats prefer AV

I just love this video about AV for kitties, it made me laugh lots! πŸ˜€

I’ve had a most unproductive day, just been poking around on Ravelry, a great site for people who like to play with yarn πŸ™‚ and ordering some crochet books from Amazon…

Shame to waste a sunny day, but I had a walk yesterday and I don’t want to make me knee swell up again. Also I should have been preparing my Viking re-enactment kit as we have an event at Tutbury castle which we shall go to on Monday. I had thought of making a new kirtle, but I didn’t feel up to it, so I shall to trot out the old grubby one yet again…

Oh well, it should be fun anyway!

April 30, 2011 at 8:49 PM 2 comments

Post One Hundred! C is for Cat

A celebratory 100th post. I was wondering what to post for my Big 100. The Roman numeral for 100 is C and C is for Cat, so I shall celebrate by sharing a picture of my lovely cat, Pebble πŸ™‚

Pebble cat πŸ™‚

Post 100 is a short one as I’m not feeling very well. So that’s all πŸ™‚

April 8, 2011 at 8:06 PM 2 comments

A Tribute to Cinnamon Cat

Last year I lost my beloved cat, Cinnamon. Writing this will make me cry, even though I have a new cat who I love dearly. Here is a pic of Cinnamon, sunning herself in the garden.

Cinnamon in the sun

She loved the garden. For most of her life she was an indoor cat, so it was nice for her to spend her last few years in a home where the garden was safely enclosed.

We got her from the RSPCA, where she had had kittens. She had been a stray, found roaming, pregnant and nameless. When we went to choose a cat, she was the one who always came running up to the bars in her cage when I called her, even if she had been outside in the run. She rubbed herself on my fingers between the bars. She came home with me (and my ex).

She always came when I called (except if I tried to demonstrate this to visitors πŸ™‚ of course). She liked to sit near me, but was never a lap cat. She never liked to be picked up and would wriggle and struggle. It was years before she would let me rub her tummy, but when she discovered how nice that was, she wanted it twenty times a day.

Tummy rubs

But only for ten minutes max! Sometimes she would have her ten minute cuddle, get up, stretch, turn around and settle down for another ten minutes, occasionally three times πŸ™‚ but I could count on one hand the few times she fell asleep and had a longer cuddle.

She had a delicate digestion. It was a rare month which did not involve at least one small pile of reconstituted cat biscuits, or a hairball. I could recognise that sound at 100 paces! You know, the one with that posture which means imminent regurgitation. I have no photos of that! It was just enough early warning for me to make sure she was not on anything too uncleanable. As long as I was in of course…

I had to have her teeth removed. That upset me, but what can you do? I had switched her diet to the crunchy biscuits as advised by my vet – how was he to know she would just swallow them whole? At least I didn’t have to change her diet after the op. And how did I know? See the previous paragraph!

It also didn’t stop her hunting and eating moths, butterflies, daddy long legs and other bugs, which was very helpful of her. She also killed spiders, those horrid brown ones with long gangly legs that move so fast it’s as if they’ve teleported. I used to be plagued with those. She wouldn’t eat them though.

She hated her feet being touched, which was a shame as I love cat feet πŸ™‚ although she sometimes tolerated it in her last couple of years. She would always want to sit on my right side, so if she came and asked for cuddles, I would have to rearrange myself to make a space for her.

Beautiful Cinnamon

I loved her so much and she loved me. She had to have pills for the last few years of her life, for hyperthyroidism. These were small round pills with, for some stupid reason, a pink sugar coating which she, and most other cats, found objectionable. Why they could not use fish flavour coating is beyond me! I tried disguising them in various kinds of food, but eventually realised that the best way was just to grab her and shove it down her throat, which she graciously allowed me to do, out of love.

Them last December, she started getting very thin. She was already thin from the hyperthyroid, but this was worse. She was getting kidney failure. That meant more pills, special food, frequent blood tests and more weight loss unless she felt like a bag of bones. She stayed with me for half a year, slowly dying. She still had enough quality of life to keep her going. Cuddles, the garden. But it was so hard for me. I wrote this poem:

Bright Shadow Fading

Bright shadow,

You are leaving me

Slowly, gradually, painfully.

Don’t go!

Eyes glow huge

Polished pebbles

Looking into mine

Leaking love.

Warm fur

Eternal purr

Not today

But sometime soon.

I know.

Each night I fall asleep

Unsure if you’ll still be here when I wake.

Each morning I wake with joy to find you still with me

Wanting love, sharing love.

How long can I bear this?

As long as it takes.

Eventually the end came, more suddenly that I had been expecting. I had to have her put down, which was seriously the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I still feel like I killed her, even though I know it was for the best. She died in my arms, trusting me. I held her eyes closed and they stayed closed. The vet had said they would be open, but they stayed shut.

Oh, I am in floods as I write this. I knew I would be. My new cat came up to me and meowed for cuddles, knowing I was upset. She is lovely, I will post about her soon.

I buried Cinnamon in the garden, under the catmint. I’ve hardly been in the garden since. I’m going to have to face it soon.

She was a little furry angel, lent to me by God her Creator and now back with Him.

Thank You, God, for Cinnamon.


February 19, 2011 at 4:20 PM 7 comments

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