HSF 10: Art

May 31, 2014 at 8:56 PM 3 comments

This fortnight’s challenge is to make something inspired by a work of art. I have been wanting to get started on some of my swimsuits from the past, so I decided to find some art to fit what I wanted to make. I wanted to start with the easiest pattern as well, which is one I have from the 1920s. I found quite a few possible paintings, but not one to match any wool I had in my stash, what a shame, I had to go shopping 🙂

I found this fabulous fuchsia wool which was a close enough match to this Picasso painting, even though it is from 1919 and thus a few years before my pattern, I decided it was close enough, especially as the pattern was, if anything, more conservative than the art. The painting undoubtedly shows jersey rather than woven wool, but my pattern called for serge, which was a very traditional fabric for that use. I think my fuchsia might be a little on the thick side, though it is not too bad. I did alter the pattern as the art has no skirt and I had to shorten the legs quite a bit and change the neckline.

Picasso's Lighthouse

Me as a Picasso bather!

Me as a Picasso bather!

I want to try it out swimming! Once I have, I want to add the skirt and compare to see how much drag that adds. I also need to put bias binding around the neck and arm holes, but I thought I’d do the picture first because my bias trim is black and it will be more like the art without it.

I don’t look much like the painting, but then I’m not too worried that I don’t look a Picasso! 😉 (or should I type .)’ as a face?!)

It’s not a stretchy swimsuit so it is not best suited to this kind of position. I am not going to share more photos until the trim is finished, maybe not until I have swim-tested it. When I do I’ll give more about the pattern, but I’m a bit tired now so I just want to get my entry post finished.

The Challenge: #10 Art
Inspiration: Picasso, ‘The Bathers’ 1919
Fabric: pure wool £10/m
Pattern: a copy of an original pattern from the 1920s
Year: 1920s
Notions: thread and there will be bias binding
How historically accurate is it? accurate pattern, material plausible but possibly slightly thick, used a sewing machine but that’s fine for 20th century. 80%?
Hours to complete? I always forget to count, it wasn’t bad, but I did have to trace the pattern and make a toile, so several.
First worn: today for photo
Total cost: under £15 for the wool, another pound when I add the bias tape, will use the full £20 of wool when I add the skirt

Entry filed under: Hobbies.

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