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Challenge Day 14

Two weeks then and I am still just about limping along. Today is yet another crappy ‘experiment’ though rather than actually making something proper. It is funny that the only ‘proper’ thing I made was a gift for someone else. Was it the deadline, the challenge of making something she might like, the fact it had a purpose, or that it was for someone else? I am not sure, but as I keep reminding myself, there is nothing wrong with making experimental samples. It is an important part of learning and is good practice and good practise šŸ˜€

Anyway, today I tried working on a dark background, partly because I had an idea of an image that was mostly dark but with some bright bits and I wanted to see how it might work done onto a black ground. I had picked up a half metre scrap of some strong black stuff, it feels a bit similar to denim, from the fabric shop for 50p or a pound, so I used a little corner as a trial. I concentrated on working slowly and not pressing the foot pedal too hard.

Working on black.

Working on black.

The machine sounded very clunky as the needles went in so I was a bit concerned after yesterday’s breakage and did a bit on some calico, but that sounded normal so I assume this black stuff is just a bit thick. It worked, I shall just have to be careful not to fold it!

I like the effect where the black still shows through, but if I want a stronger patch of light I shall either need to add a lot more wool or else a bit of light fabric behind it (not too thick!) it might be better to find a thinner bit of black if this is going to be all clunky though. It is quite a dense weave.

I did a bit more twiddling around but that was the only bit even remotely worth taking a photo of.

One reason I was not so in the mood and possibly influenced my choice of black is that I just discovered that among their other persecutions, theĀ government has just voted to reduce human rights in my country and scrap equality laws so now:

(1) peopleā€™s ability to achieve their potential is limited by prejudice or discrimination.
(2) there is no respect for and protection of each individualā€™s human rights.
(3) there is no respect for the dignity and worth of each individual.
(4) each individual does not have an equal opportunity to participate in society.
(5) there is no mutual respect between groups based on understanding and valuing of diversity and on shared respect for equality and human rights.

Just to remind you I live in England! I hate this government. They do not have the mandate of the people to do this. They were not even voted for properly! They had no majority and they are making sweeping awful changes. On top of persecuting disabled peopleĀ like me. They have snuck this in while everyone was distracted by a certain funeral, which somehow they think we can afford to pay for even though she was loaded, but they can’t afford to allow disabled people the simple dignity of human rights. Yeah, great. Please can I come and live in Norway now?

But I don’t want to get too political on this blog so I shall stop there and try to think about fluffy kittens and cherry blossom or I will get all angry and depressed again. Sorry.

Pebble being cute :)

Pebble being cute.

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur,
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.


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