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An excellent post on the need for fairly traded chocolate (and I am working on resuming regular posting of my own… but I keep coming across good stuff to reblog)


I like chocolate dark, three taste buds shy of bitter. One small bite and I start getting messages from my brain saying, “Thank you,” and “More, please.” As food, it delights my tongue, and as medicine, it soothes my brain.


I have liked chocolate since I was a small child and discovered that the Easter bunny laid small chocolate eggs in my Easter basket. I later learned that rabbits do not lay eggs; they do, however, extrude something that is eerily similar to little chocolate pellets. I lived with that disturbing juxtaposition of ideas for years, but eventually got over it and continued trying to consume my allotted 11.64 pounds of chocolate each year. That’s how much each American averages. The Swiss eat almost twice that. Clearly, I was born in the wrong country.


Divine choclate easter eggs


As an adult I have lived a relatively undisturbed life as far as…

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It was a bright sunny morning, much like today, except it was snowing. My Dad suggested my sister and I might like to go see the snowbow which ought to be behind the house.

We ran in thrilled excitement! Imagine it! Rainbows are beautiful, snow is beautiful, a snowbow must be beautiful squared!

We craned out of the back window, searching everywhere.

No snowbow.

Of course not, it was this day too many years ago to mention.

Best April Fool ever!

I’d love to accompany this post with a photo, but of course there’s no such thing as a snowbow. Only… it turns out the joke is on him, at least a little bit, because there is such a thing as an ice blink rainbow. But it’s not as pretty as the ones we imagined 🙂

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