Challenge Day 15

April 19, 2013 at 11:11 PM Leave a comment

It was almost impossible to motivate myself today, given that I already missed one day so have technically failed the challenge (unless you count dreaming about it as literally doing it in your sleep…) but I did it. I sat at the machine, I switched it on, I picked up some bits and needled them together. Then I stopped.

What I did was not worth a picture. It was barely worth a post except I thought why not, I did the felting, I can do the post too. Anyway I also wanted to note my findings. I worked some wool into a bit of hessian and while it was not very overworked, it was enough to make a bulge and in fact when I poked it I made a hole, so it was overworked. It is useful to know what constitutes too much, felting to destruction 🙂 and it makes me wonder whether hessian is such a good idea after all as a hard-wearing base for rugs or slipper soles.

It makes me think it might be useful to conduct a proper experiment using the scientific method: how thin or thick can I get the wool; how much felting makes different fabrics give way or bulge; also make a variety of samples to chuck in the washing machine and see how they react. Or I could just keep going with the scattergun approach…

I added a couple of widgets to the sidebar of the blog. I am not sure if it made something else change about how it looks. If you spot anything, please let me know. I do usually preview posts before I publish so I know more or less what it looks like and it just didn’t look quite right but I couldn’t tell why.

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