Challenge Day 21

April 25, 2013 at 8:53 PM Leave a comment

I thought I’d try some runic yarn writing today. It was good practice, I think the way to stop the fabric puckering is to hold it tight and let the yarn run loose, but that is tricky. It is also tricky to start a bit of yarn, it helped to anchor it with a bit of hand needling. It was very hard to keep it all even, it might be better to draw an outline.

Felted futhark.

Felted futhark.

The most embarrassing thing is that I made a mistake. The thing is, there are several variants and I did not want to mix them up. I decided to go for the Elder Futhark – the difference first shows up in the fourth rune, although the short twig might have a less fancy ‘f’ rune. But by the time I had written ‘futhark’ I was getting tired and I automatically made the two dots to divide it from the next group of runes. Except there are 8 runes in the first group in the Elder and Anglo-Saxon variants, not 6 as in the Younger ones. So I had to try and put a ‘g’ over the dots as I couldn’t get them out. But the shape of ‘g’ rune I had to use to squeeze it in is a form I only know from Anglo-Saxon runes, which have an ‘o’ instead of the ‘a’ and is called ‘futhorc’ as it also has a different shape for the 6th rune…

So it is not at all a good bit of runology. Nor is it a great bit of needlefelting as it is not as even as it should be, the runes get slightly smaller towards the end and it is slightly wonky.

But it is only a trial sample, it does not matter.

I would quite fancy a bag with all the different futharks on, that would be cool. And a futhark belt. Or maybe a belt with ‘this is a belt’ on it 🙂 but I’d better improve before I try that…

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