Challenge Day 20

April 24, 2013 at 10:23 PM Leave a comment

I can’t quite believe it is two thirds through! Apart from that one hiccup I have managed every day and blogged as well, which was not part of the initial challenge, but is a useful side effect. Of course some days I have done better than others, but I have sat down and done something on the machine every day. I think I am getting a bit better at the foot control, though I would still prefer a slower pedal. Today I did more of the same sort of thing as yesterday.

More yarn doodles.

More yarn doodles.

I like the two strand part as a kind of edging border to clothes perhaps. But it does pucker the fabric, so either I would want that to be a feature, use it to gather a loose edge, or work on making it not pucker. The back is quite nice too, and if I work it from the back it makes the front more fluffy – as it is it looks almost as if I just laid the yarn down, or glued it on, or even couched it finely, except at some of the corners. That would also fill out the gaps which show more in a photo with flash.

Back of yarn doodle.

Back of yarn doodle.

I still feel a bit frustrated with myself for not managing something big and spectacular yet. I do need to be patient with the learning process, but I would love to be able to produce something really good for the last third of the challenge. Or at least by the end of the challenge. Apart from the gift of course, that was not bad. Maybe I need a specific goal?


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