Challenge Day 12

April 16, 2013 at 7:00 PM Leave a comment

Today I tried a more adventurous experiment, I wanted to try something not entirely flat. I had the idea of trying to make a sort of bowl shaped vessel, so I started with a dark red net circle as I happened to have some lying around.

Net circle.

Net circle.

I made a flat base with the plain white wool, then it seemed to want to spiral round which I liked so I did a bit of that and as it went up the side I folded in a dart. Then I added a red spiral to match the net, and a lilac one because I felt like it, folding in darts as I went. Sometimes it was tricky to do it all with the machine so I anchored some of the darts by a little hand needle felting. It was a bit fiddly but the principle worked. I added some wafty ends and here it is:

My wafty bowl.

My wafty bowl.

I am not sure about keeping the net around the edge. I shall leave it for a while and look at it and maybe I might trim the net into pointy bits or chop it off altogether, but for now it can sit like that for my imagination to work on. It does look slightly better in real life and more bowl like, it was hard to photograph! Anyway, this challenge is not about results, it is about trying new ideas and using the machine šŸ™‚ plus it also seems to have made me blog a lot more!

I think I am going to do a separate post about how I made the direwolf banner so I can write it up like a tutorial.


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