Challenge Day 7

April 10, 2013 at 7:36 PM Leave a comment

A whole week! And I have managed to keep up the challenge 😀

Today was much easier because I had a particular idea rather than just sitting down to see what came. No photos though, because it is Top Secret for now. It is my sister’s birthday soon and we are meeting at the weekend, so I have to have her gift ready for then. I was not sure what to get her, but I had An Idea of something she might like which I could make using my new toy! She reads my blog sometimes, hence the no pictures rule, but I have taken pictures and will share them once the need for secrecy has passed.

Once I had my idea I sketched the image, partly to give me something to work from and partly to trace onto the fabric to make a small trial version. That was enough of a success to convince me it could work, so I drew a larger version and transferred that to the final fabric. I began to add wool to the background and foreground of the picture. I must have done a bit less than a third, but as I had also done the sketching and trial I thought that was a reasonable amount for the day and I was getting hungry and tired, so I stopped for dinner.

Later, as I was lying on my bed snuggling with the cat, I was thinking about how best to do a tricky bit of detail. I had an idea so I had to go try it out. One of the advantages of this machine is that the results can be added to with embroidery or hand needle felting, so I tried the technique using my hand held needle for finer control. I was very pleased with how it came out, so much so that I am not sure if I even want to try the alternative idea I also had. The one I tried is more naturalistic, the alternative more stylised. I suppose I should try the other for the sake of completeness, but maybe for the sake of time it is better to just focus on getting it finished!

I really enjoyed today’s session, I think it is better having a focus, an actual idea, although the other approach can be quite freeing if in the right mood. Or maybe it is also better to be making something for a loved one – my first actual Item! Although some of the trials I have done so far could be used for something I suppose.

That’s enough for today as I am getting tired again.


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