Challenge Day 5

April 8, 2013 at 5:01 PM Leave a comment

Another day of experimentation, which I am starting to think is sensible and actually making something is trying to run before I can walk. This is not even any kind of abstract thing, just trying out different materials and techniques to see how they feel and look and how to do them.

Today's experimant.

Today’s experiment.

First I tried meshing together a printed fabric and a plain fabric as the print is supposed to come through if you do it upside down. It worked, but I was not mad keen on the effect and it mangled the source fabric, shown on the right (the bit of sample where this was done is at the top). I think the print fabric may have been too thin, or the actual print the wrong scale or any number of things. But I tried it and found out how to do it even if it is not my new favourite technique, that’s what experimenting is for 🙂

Then I found some delicate fabrics and cut small bits of them to felt onto the calico. One is a kind of voile, obviously a man made fibre not silk, that is the very pale turquoise in the middle. It crumpled nicely, which is what I wanted. I ought to try not letting it crumple to see if I can. The bit where it meshed had an unpleasant texture, quite hard and spiky, but it only takes a little bit of wool to cover that and make it feel smoother and softer. The red and gold fabric went on nicely too. I like the effect of sticking those fine fabrics on but only felting in the edges, especially with some wool to cover the little holes made by the machine. I shall use this technique a lot more I think.

Squirming in the sunshine.

Squirming in the sunshine.

And finally, a cute picture of Pebble, playing and squirming in the sun puddle 😀


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