Challenge Day 4

April 7, 2013 at 10:35 PM Leave a comment

It was a lot harder today than I expected. I was so tired I spent most of the day in bed reading and fell asleep. We had planned on going out for lunch, but I couldn’t even manage that, it’s horrible to have so little energy that you can’t even do things like that. So I didn’t make a bag or anything today. I didn’t manage to go to church either.

But I did manage to use the felting machine! 🙂

It was hard. I sat there with its little light on, it was waiting eagerly to play and I was not inspired. Creativity is hard when you are tired. I picked up one bit of fabric and put it down. I picked up various bits of wool and yarn, putting them all back. I almost gave up, which is why I did this as a challenge. If it was not for this challenge I would not even have sat there, let alone continued to sit there. My hand hovered over the off switch.

But no, I have agreed to do an online challenge and so I will not give up! 😉

I just did another sample, but I tried some new things. And I’m quite pleased with the result.

An abstract effort today.

An abstract effort today.

I did some very thinly covered bits and some bits which are only anchored round the edge. It doesn’st show very well, but that makes puffy blobs, like cloud. In fact the whole things reminds me a bit of a cloud, with the sun. Or maybe a fried egg with a burnt edge and some grey thing dropped on it… grey sauce? I can’t think of any sauce which is grey. It could be tomato sauce if you’re colour blind though. Anyway, it is hardly genius, but at least I did it! And I quite enjoyed it in the end. Plus I tried some new techniques.

Maybe tomorrow I might manage something more exciting.


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