Challenge Day 3

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So far so good! I am pleased to be managing to post my progress as well as making it! Today we went out in the spring sunshine for a stroll, some lunch and a little light shopping ๐Ÿ™‚ I got a couple of 2nd hand books and some fabric remnants to play with. This evening I have been experimenting.

Felting experiments

Felting experiments

The backing is hessian, which I think is called burlap over the pond. It is a good sturdy backing for felting onto and takes wool well. But you can also use the machine to bond non-wool fabrics! In this sample I have applied a crochet sample, which I think would make a cute pocket, some strips of calico and even a bit of nylon lace.

The back.

The back.

The back is interesting too, I particularly like the look of the calico and yarn strips on the back. It may not show too well on that scale, I think if you click the pic it takes you to a larger one. It shows the principle of the thing anyway, that the machine shoves fibres through the backing fabric and meshes them together mechanically, which is different to wet felting as that can only be done with animal hair fibres that have scales on a microscopic level. The traditional felting process meshes those by using heat, cold and soap to get the scales to open and then close on each other, locking them together. Dreadlocks work the same way apparently, they are just felted hair.

I also mended my felt slippers that I made a couple of years ago using crochet and the washing machine. I already blogged about those. I wear them a lot and they got holes, which I mended by hand needle felting a few months back, but when I washed them again last week the mends were coming away from the fabric, so I stuck them back with the machine and reinforced them a bit. So useful ๐Ÿ™‚

I have loads of ideas, almost too many to control! I wanted to make a bag today as I have so many possible materials to do so, but therein lies the rub as I just couldn’t decide where to start. I get like that when I’m tired though, so I thought the experimenting had to be enough for today and I can try a bag tomorrow.

I love how the little crochet mini-pocket turned out. I think I could use some of my swatches to make pockets on jumpers. I could have done that anyway and sewn them on, but I do love that this technique has no threading needles ๐Ÿ˜€ always the most annoying part of sewing. I might try it on an old one anyway, see how it looks.

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