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Never reblogged before, but wanted to share this. Why is nice so underrated? Nice is good 🙂 I need to be nicer.

Bluebird Blvd.


A young woman employee of North American Aviation, Incorporated, working over the landing gear mechanism of a P-51 fighter plane, Inglewood, Calif. The mechanism resembles a small cannon (LOC)


I was so bummed at my accidental rudeness that when I saw her smiling face at the window, I apologized for not using my best manners and said that my blood sugar was low.

What happened next floored me. This woman— this angel of a woman— said, “Sugar, just hold on one second, I’m going to get you some brownies. And you eat those right away.”

As I was eating the brownies she gave me, she said, “Sugar, here’s a little lemonade with a little iced tea, it should put you to rights, my darling.”

Now, I’m polite. I’m über-polite. I’m turbo-sized polite, in fact, and sometimes, sometimes people even call me sweet. But, I have never, ever in all my days been as warm and good as this woman is on her worst day.

As I was sipping the special drink she made me, I…

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