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February 2, 2012 at 9:23 PM Leave a comment

Sorry I’ve not updated for over a week, of course I mean to and then it just slips by. I have been excited about several things which I wanted to share, but didn’t get to it and then I wanted to update the HBP and missed that, which meant I felt I ought to do that before a post on a different subject. But now I just decided it’s better to just write something and then fill in the bits I missed later.

It’s a bit like my less than stellar attempts at writing a diary. As a child I would make it my new year resolution, so I have many old diaries with the first week of January filled in and not much else. The fullest one is one I got halfway through the year so I didn’t feel the gradually increasing pressure of the missed days building up. Because there were so many missed days, I just started, went back and put some of what I remembered and didn’t worry if I missed days because it was so patchy anyway.

I intend to do a proper HBP update for what I managed in January, with pictures, but for now I shall just say that I got further than I expected to in the bigger goals of moving furniture around and increasing storage, but didn’t quite get the finish of everything messy put away in the two rooms I was focussing on.

Which meant that my start to February, month of creativity, didn’t get off to a flying start as my creativity spaces were still not cleared 😦 But I did manage to clear enough of my table to make a start today, again, a proper post with pics should follow at some point 🙂

I have a bit of a cold, so I don’t want to be sat here too long, but hopefully now I’ve broken the block I can post at my leisure without feeling guilty for being late or pressured into writing a particular topic.

I’m excited about creativity February – I have lots of ideas and cool stuff to play with! As long as I do so. Between feeling a bit blah with this cold and Tim having less work so he wants to go out which can be fun but makes me tired I expected to have done more. It’s also surprisingly hard to make a start on something new. But that is another post for another day.


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HBP update week 3 Creative February Project – T-shirt alteration

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