HBP Week 2 update

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The focus this week was on the entrance to my room of many functions (in trying to designate it in a meaningful way I realised it is hard to name as I use this room for many things, for the last year none of which involve its previous primary purpose of Study, thus that name is no longer suitable at the moment).

This is why this area was in urgent need of attention:


Because of the bookcase behind the door, it only opens about 45 degrees, and there is storage next to it as well, so it is annoying to use. I would often catch myself or my clothing on the door handle and it irritated Tim bringing me coffee. So it had to go.

The door that is!

Well, I can’t do without my bookcase, where would all my books go? I’ve only got 4 more tall wide, a tall narrow and 2 short wide ones… And they’re all full!

Plus I never shut the door anyway, for the cat.

So stage one was to clear a bit of room on the table to stack books:

As well as showing the nice clear bit of table, this gives you some idea of the scale of the problem...

Then the books were removed from the bookcase. As were the shelf and a half of files which went down into the CUS. And some miscellaneous stuff which tends to build up like barnacles on the front part of shelves. I dislike that tendency, yet it seems as hard to control as the barnacles, and is usually dealt with by a similar method of hull scraping every other year or so… I’d pull the books to the front edge, but that would shift the centre of balance too far forward and risk destabilising the balance. I’d hate for one to fall on me, those books are heavy!

I’ve never been one to fix them to the wall. For a start, what about moving them about? Mainly because I’ve mostly lived in rented and have to move and don’t want to make holes in walls. Also skirting boards. What is the deal with them? Do they serve any useful purpose any more? Or are they only there to annoy me and make my room space smaller because my furniture cannot be pushed right against the walls? Please comment if you have an opinion or factoid about skirting boards.

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, the books were removed, the bookcase moved aside, the door removed and stowed and the bookcase replaced, all by my lovely useful husband 🙂

Nice empty shelves, waiting to be filled 🙂 And No Door! 😀

I decided it would be a good idea to take advantage of this opportunity for a spot of book rearranging and sorting. So rather than simply putting this lot:

Part of the book stack.

all back onto the shelves, I put some books from the landing shelves on. And some from this pile and the rest of the piles around the room, but then some of those went on the space on the landing shelves… etc etc. And I haven’t quite finished and there is the downstairs case to consider…

Anyway, there is some work still to do, but this is how it looks now!

Shelves filling up nicely 🙂

And this is how a freshly cleared shelf from the landing now looks with some of those books on it:

What a nice shelf of books 🙂

And perhaps even more excitingly, the entrance now looks like this!

I can get out easily

And go back in easily!


Just have to see now how difficult it will be to remove the big chest of drawers which is the next big goal… I measured and it should fit through, but not with a lot to spare, so watch this space!

This week we managed two walks as we had nice weather. I guess 3 a week is a goal to be built towards. And moving books definitely counts as exercise!!

In other news, we had some pretty frost, Pebble cat is very cuddly and I want to start art journalling. I am still very addicted to Pinterest and keep finding fun ideas I can’t do yet because my space is not yet ready. I need to clear that table! I think I like blogging once a week, it is so much easier than every day.

So, still mostly on track with my goals and we’re two weeks into the year! I’m cautiously optimistic 🙂 My goals have been realistic and I am not phased by not managing the 3 walks a week. I am actually ahead on the HBP! This bookcase and door thing was originally next week’s goal!! Hope I can continue at this good rate. I built plenty of give into my goals for it because I know that some weeks I just can’t manage anything much at all. This week began like that.

It’s easy to forget such setbacks when looking back like this, but I was ill on Monday and still had very low energy on Tuesday. I did make church last Sunday and it was good. I hope to go this evening too. Not sure if the resting set me back or if I just misjudged that one day is enough. Actually probably the latter. I have to cut myself some slack. But it’s all good stuff, learning and progressing 🙂

How was your week? And I meant it about the skirting boards – do you like them, loathe them, see the point of them or not?


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