HBP week 1 update

January 8, 2012 at 3:54 PM 3 comments

I have done very well on week 1, my goal board has now 8 goals ticked off. I awarded myself 2 tidying stars on Monday, 3 on Tuesday, 4 on Thursday and a whole galaxy on Friday! And yesterday. I have only managed one walk of the hoped for 3, but I surely burnt at least as many calories as if I had walked that and more, so it’s just the soul replenishing part of that goal I missed out on, not the exercise.

The main project for this week has been to optimise the storage in the cupboard under the stairs (hereafter referred to as CUS). Here is a shocking before picture:

This is a large CUS, with a load of mess just shoved in any old how. Totally inefficient and unacceptable!

So I decided we need a shelf unit to hold plastic boxes. I selected the Ikea GormΒ with two extra shelves. I measured carefully and guessed it should work, even if we had to trim a bit off the top left hand corner, it’s made of soft pine and easy for Tim to cut. We bought it and brought it home, and I took some bits and went to check my measuring, after clearing half the stuff out of the CUS.

Is the CUS half empty or half full?

I was hopeful that it would fit exactly, possibly without even a trim! But the uprights are wide so it can be used to join more units together; to fit without cutting would have meant two boxes would not fit side to side. So it would indeed have to be cut.

After cutting just the right amount from the corners, we began the assembly. Tim had to do most of the hard work 😦 I used to enjoy DIY projects and once could have whipped this up single handed, but alas no longer. Also I realised that I had erred in my assumption that a unit of 4 shelves had equal gaps between those shelves. Therefore I should have bought one more extra shelf and there was no wiggle room on box height clearance. I was perturbed, nay irritated, but at least they do still fit. Just. But as a bonus, they will hold 2 more boxes than I expected πŸ™‚


He did a good job, and it was soon built. Putting it in place however, was quite an operation. For a start, a lot more had to be removed to get it in. It was a pretty exact fit, but there was no room in the CUS to turn it round into position, so another little bit had to be cut off the top right back post. Then it was in, ahhh, big sigh of relief πŸ™‚ a perfect fit.

A perfect fit! And you can't even see the back post is shorter...

Now I just need to fill the shelves πŸ˜€

The shelves begin to fill. Note how the two boxes fit perfectly with not a mm to spare. They also only just fit height wise, so no overfilled boxes.

The primary goal for next week is to get those shelves filled with all the extraneous stuff from the lounge and other rooms, then the door can be shut on it all and I can focus on the next step, making the home beautiful πŸ™‚

In other news, I just had a really nice bowl of mashed banana for my lunch. Two small manky bananas which would otherwise have been thrown out (that’s just the right time to mash them as they are soft and easy), cut out any bruises, mashed up with a little milk and sugar, some cinnamon and chocolate sprinkles – delicious!

And I even managed to blog again, so I’m managing once a week so far. Plus I finished a warm crocheted hat for myself, I made one for my Dad and one for Tim as Christmas presents, but they were so warm and comfy that I wanted one too πŸ™‚ Here’s a pic of Tim in his:

Tim in his Christmas hat on our Boxing Day walk πŸ™‚


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Fresh New Year :) HBP Week 2 update

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  • 1. jannatwrites  |  January 10, 2012 at 5:04 AM

    Love the shelves (and storage bins). I bet you’ll feel so much better when you have it all straightened up. Have fun with this organization project!

  • 2. Perfecting Motherhood  |  January 11, 2012 at 2:05 AM

    Our downstairs closet looks a lot like yours (the shape, not the mess!) and I wanted to get the kids’ art & craft organized so they could help themselves to their supplies. We bought a 10-bin storage unit at IKEA this past weekend and set it up. It fits perfectly in there and kids love being able to grab a sheet of paper without asking for our help.
    Congratulations on your new closet shelves!

  • 3. kimkasch  |  January 14, 2012 at 4:33 AM

    Great shelves


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