Fresh New Year :)

January 1, 2012 at 5:28 PM 6 comments

I am happy to begin a fresh year. Last year was not an easy one. My hope for this year is that it will be one of growth.

I like to set goals, rather than make resolutions as such, but this time we choose to reset the calendar seems a good one to reset goals. My goals have changed so much from last year. This time last year I was all about finishing my PhD upgrade, working maniacally on my thesis. I thought I was getting there, until the ‘blah virus’ which I now know to have been a stress burnout hit me.

What felt at the time like a brief pause, a small setback, has turned into a whole year off. And it looks set to continue for a while at least. So my primary goal this year is to find a way out of it.

2011 will be known as the year of crochet, rather than the year of burnout, stress, anxiety and meltdown. I have enjoyed learning this new skill, which I am confident will be with me now as long as my hands can loop yarn round a hook. It has proved an excellent antidote to my anxiety for the most part. I have travelled from total noob to rookie designer and have made loads of stuff.

My Tudor arm warmer design. And logo.

In 2012 I plan to continue nurturing my creativity in crochet, writing and other crafts. I want to begin a Holy Art Journal (for want of a better term) in which I can meditate creatively on Bible verses. And my Grand Plan (*insert sound of trumpet fanfare here*) is the Home Beautification Project.

As my loyal readers and anyone who knows me personally will know, I struggle with tidiness and organisation. One thing I learned about this year which helped me is Myers-Briggs types, which helped me understand that those negative traits tend to go hand in glove with my type of creativity. I’m INTP if that means anything to you. I keep meaning to write a post about it and hopefully will one day soon, so I shall say no more on that right now.

Anyway, the point is that I am great at starting fun creative projects and poor at maintaining tasks. So if I can turn a dull, tedious, tiring and unpleasant task, tidying up, into a fun, creative project then it might just work! Hence the renaming of tidying up to home beautifying 🙂

This came about at least in part due to my recent Pinterest addiction. There are so many great ideas there, so easy to collect together in one attractive place. Some are craft projects, some are pretty pictures. It can also be a great way to plan a holiday or a project. My board ‘For the Home’ contains not just random stuff I like, but also ideas for how to make things look nicer or be more efficient, hopefully both.

But I can’t even start some of my ideas until I have cleared a bit of space…

I have completed one easy project today though! Eventually I want to make a much prettier one, but better to make a start and improve than try for perfection and thus never start. So here is my first contribution to the HBP – a goals board:

Goals board for January 2012.

I chose a cheery orange frame and simply removed the clear plastic front, reversed the bit of paper saying it’s a Nyttja frame from Ikea, put it back together and wrote the title and my first goal. As the goal was to make the board, I gave myself a big tick and a smiley face and hung it on my study/studio door on a wreath hanger I picked up in the post-Christmas sell off of decorations for 50p.

The 5 in the bottom left hand corner is where I shall give myself a star for every five minutes I spend tidying up or cleaning. Baby steps. 🙂

I shall add to the list and it will grow and develop as the project does. Hopefully my next one will be prettier and by the end of the year this board will be an artistic, motivational, organisational masterpiece! From tiny acorns do mighty oaks grow…

Hey, at least I did something. Which is not bad given that I had a few glasses of wine last night and didn’t get to bed until 2AM 🙂 I feel better than I deserve, thanks to drinking lots of water. I recommend water. It’s good stuff 😀

Do you have goals or resolutions? Or a hangover? 😉 Or a Pinterest addiction? Or a random comment, an animal noise, a silly joke (clean only please, this is a PG blog)? Happy New Year anyway!


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  • 1. Blockader  |  January 1, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    Congratulations on a fine start to 2012!

  • 2. jannatwrites  |  January 2, 2012 at 6:07 AM

    Looks like you’re on the right track in 2012. Good luck with your creative projects and your organization goals!

    I am an INTJ, by the way 🙂

  • 3. Caroline  |  January 7, 2012 at 5:24 PM

    Well thank you very much! I am now officially addicted to pinning! All thanks to you 🙂 i dont have enough time in my day to do all the things i need to and now I will have to dedicate time to pinning! Have had lots of fun though, very addictive xx

  • 4. Andra Watkins  |  January 8, 2012 at 4:10 AM

    Happy New Year! Pinterest is should be classified as an illegal substance. I abuse it every day. Please follow me there so that I can see your projects. I am my name.

    I hope 2012 brings you everything you want. I was glad to kick 2011 to the curb. 🙂

    • 5. knotrune  |  January 8, 2012 at 11:21 AM

      I found you 🙂

  • 6. Perfecting Motherhood  |  January 11, 2012 at 2:03 AM

    I’m not doing resolutions this year, since I started the 101 in 1001 challenge last year ( and I’m getting things done one by one. I really love the concept and I’ve been able to complete some projects that had been waiting for years.

    Good luck with your resolutions and happy 2012!


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