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I tried felting today – I felt like it! πŸ˜‰

Not the sort of felting which is hard work, where you get fleece and bash it soapily into submission over a few hours by hand. No, I took the easy way of course!

I used some gorgeous wool I got from a very good website, Purplelinda. This wool smells of sheep πŸ™‚ even after washing I can still smell the sheepiness πŸ˜€ It makes me happy…

Mmmm, lovely wool πŸ™‚

First I crocheted a basic bowl shape:

Basic crocheted bowl (upside down).

Then I measured it, for good measure, to see how much it would shrink:

Flattened to measure.

It was 12.5cm across and 6.5cm from the middle to the edge.

Then I put it in the washing with the clothes. I was not sure if it would felt at all, given that I wash at 30 degrees to be green and felting is usually done hotter than that.

I waited for the washing to finish… then Tim emptied the machine for me (it’s too heavy for me when it’s all wet) and I rummaged through the clothes trying to find the small bit of crochet… but I couldn’t find it!

Darn! It must be at the bottom, I would just have to hang the clothes up and find it that way πŸ™‚

This is what it looks like:

Fulled bowl (not full, empty, just to confuse!)

It’s more fulled than felted, but that’s not bad for such a cool wash. I think it’s really nice, and did I mention, it still smells slightly of sheep, if you warm it up in your hands… mmm… Must stop sniffing the wool! πŸ˜€

Now it measures 10.5cm by 6cm, so I lost 2cm width and half a cm length.

So the next step is either to put it through another wash the same and see if that finishes it off; make another one and put that through a hotter wash, maybe with sheets or towels (I’m not going to run a wash just for a small bit of felting! How ungreen would that be?!) or I could put this one through the hotter wash as well, but I really want to be able to felt something in one go and know what the shrinkage is, I want to make slippers!

In fact, I could make some fulled slippers, just like this. That would be OK, they are smooth enough to not feel lumpy to walk on and I quite like still being able to see the stitches.

But the other part of my cunning plan is to make some socks/shoe liners for re-enactment, and they didn’t have crochet until about the 19th century so I need the stitches to vanish for that!

It’s fun to experiment and it means I actually get to make the washing fun!! Bonus πŸ˜€

ETA: it might not be the best idea to make slippers which are just fulled like this without at least trying the bowl again in a normal 30 degree wash – if it does felt further then my slippers would shrink ifΒ when I had to wash them! Eeek! Not good…


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  • 1. therealsharon  |  June 15, 2011 at 1:25 AM

    I had never heard of felting before…interesting!


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