Garden bag design (DAL)

June 7, 2011 at 11:01 PM Leave a comment

Recently I posted about the Design-Along (DAL) on Ravelry where the challenge is to design an item on the theme “garden”.

Yesterday I made my sketch and did some swatching to select suitable stitches. Here is the sketch:

Design sketch for garden bag

It isn’t a brilliant photo, even with some tweaking in Gimp, but it gives the idea. It is a bird’s eye view of a formal garden with a fountain in the centre, paths, small hedges around four lawns, two of which have knot gardens (probably to be worked in surface crochet) and two of which have small flowers. Each lawn also has hedges around it, maybe to fix it to the path depending on how I construct it.

The hedge around the outside edge will fix the front and back, then continue into the strap.

I am considering making the lawns into pockets on the front of the bag, which I see being used by a garden fan when visiting a garden centre or an open garden. They could hold a notebook, some packets of seeds, that sort of thing.

The front I intend to make with lots of interesting textured stitches, although I might make a plain version as well perhaps as the back of the bag. Here are the swatches I have made to far:

Experimental swatches for garden bag.

I think I am most likely to use the bottom left grass (spider stitch) although I also like the star stitch (top left) and I quite like the up and down stitch for the path on the centre left. I feel the pond needs more work, I’m not entirely happy with the ripples and I might try making the wall out of brick rather than stone and use a spike stitch for cement.

The large dark green swatch on the right was an attempt to cable a knot garden, which failed! I put it in the picture just because I thought it looked nice to surround the pond with bits of garden 🙂

I think the pond with the ripples would be cool on top of a hat with a tassel fountain! But it might be a little eccentric…

The next stage is to attempt to make one! I’m sure I will learn a lot more along the way 😀


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Half an hour Crocheted pond

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