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So if somnambulating is walking in your sleep, you get the idea…


I slept for my 8 hours and woke early feeling actually OK, not fuzzy, at least for a while. Washed my hair and tidied my table, which is a minor miracle! Now more of the surface is visible than not 🙂 It still needs some work, but will be usable as a design space, hurrah.

Half way through doing that this morning though I started to feel fuzzy again and did so all the rest of the day. I feel like I haven’t had enough sleep even though I have, maybe it is sleep debt catching me up. Why is it that sometimes I can be more productive in that state even while feeling quite odd?

I kept feeling like sleeping, but managed to resist, which is good because I’d have probably felt worse if I’d given in. Never can tell, but that’s what I reckon.

Have also done some crochet and stuff, although I made 3 mistakes and had to frog! Annoyingly, two were not only the same mistake, but one I had made before and the last one of those was actually made while thinking about how it is rubbish to make the same mistake twice and I’d better concentrate so it didn’t happen again!!! Needless to say, I put that one aside at that point… it’s not a hard pattern, so I was obviously just too fuzzy.

I made it to church for the evening service, which I was glad about, and enjoyed. Happy to find that my focus came back during the singing. Good sermon, which I could focus on all the better because of not being distracted by discomfort since we got the sofa 🙂 and nice chat after.

Got home and spent an hour or so crocheting another experimental cable, which I strangely managed to not make mistakes on much (taking several rows to get the patter to work doesn’t count as mistakes as I was working it out as I went.

Now I feel wiped out and would just have gone to sleep except I had to eat a banana with my meds, write this blog and clean my teeth.

One down, two to go 🙂


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I did some tidying up! Half an hour

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