I did some tidying up!

June 4, 2011 at 10:00 PM Leave a comment

What is the world coming to? I actually managed to increase order rather than decrease it today!

The pile of yarn, WIPs and books were starting to get in the way, so something had to be done. I actually managed to sort the yarn a bit, with one box just having DK, another having mostly thicker yarn and another with fancy yarn. Then there are the 2 boxes with bags in, one with more yarn and the other with WIPs. Plus the bag with my most current WIPs!

And I managed to gain access to my stationery drawers so I could find supplies to make a projects and design file. Graph paper, blank paper, dividers, hole punch etc.

Just need to clear the table so I can use it for use rather than to store random stuff…

And I even cleaned out the cat litter.

Very pleased with the progress I made on my new cable design too. I have finally cracked the Borre style ring chain motif! I don’t think that’s even been done in knit, although it might have been. But surely if it had then there would be some evidence, it is a cool cable 🙂

I may have to do a post about it soon, but at the moment I am working on designing a project I can use it on (and I do feel a bit silly making woolly cables when it is quite this hot! I ought to be making cotton sunhats or something! Still, it’s good to do something if the mood grabs.)

And all this without enough sleep again. I woke up just before 6 (not like me!) and just couldn’t drop back off.

Oh and my new (2nd hand) book arrived from the USA today! I was very impressed with the speed of delivery. I only ordered it on the 24th. It cost 54p! Plus £2.80 p+p which is Not Bad At All!

To keep the husband happy I also designated a coat and pair of footwear for the charity shop, so at least there is stuff going out of the house as well as books and yarn coming into the house 🙂

I really need to sort through my clothes, I have far too many that I just don’t wear and most likely never will. It’s all very well saving the thin clothes and being able to wear them again as I lose weight, but some will just never suit me and others will never be comfortable.

Many of them are the result of the never-ending search for the mythical right garment. One which is both comfortable and flattering. I have a few, but many more near misses. You know, the garment that is nearly right and you need one and you’re tired so you get it and hope for the best, but it gets worn just the once and never again, if that, because it is just not quite right.

I need to get rid of all of those! If I can’t find replacements I shall jolly well make them!!! That will end the search 🙂

Just a new set of different problems… 😉


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