June 1, 2011 at 9:42 PM 1 comment

I seem to keep flitting from one project to another. Maybe it’s a reaction to having had to focus on just one project (my PhD) for so many years. Yesterday I was obsessed by crochet cables, today I haven’t touched them! I have looked at them and checked whether the buttons I got will work, but I haven’t worked any.

I suppose it doesn’t help that today is the first of June. On Ravelry there are many monthly CALs (Crochet Along) so I suddenly have loads of new projects to tempt me. Today I have been mostly working on a shawl called Elise for a CAL:

The beginning of a shawl.

At the moment it would fit a doll, but it is fun to make and the yarn is very pretty 🙂

I am also interested in a hat and a bag. And there is a new 3 month CAL for freeform with an undersea theme. That is fun because each week is a riddle to work out what the item to make that week will be, then you make one. Today it was a starfish. Here is my little starfish:

Stumpy the Starfish.

Poor little Stumpy had a leg bitten off by a crab, but he got away and is busy growing another one! (Actually I just don’t like crocheting into chain, since I learned various ways to avoid it…)

Another CAL has an animals theme, so he fits that too!

Then there is a design challenge to make a bag with a city theme using different colours, which sounds fun! And of course the ongoing DAL for the garden theme…

So much to crochet! 😀

I really need to sort my new file out to try and get some control over my many WIPs… but I can’t find my hole punch and I can’t reach my paper drawer because my stash is in the way… Mmmm, yarn… 🙂

Crochet is really a great way to destress. I got very stressed this morning over something stupid (it was before breakfast – who can handle anything before breakfast? Not me!) and after I had finished my date muesli this project grew quite a lot and my stress shrank with every calming soothing stitch 🙂

Frilly green scarf that looks a bit like seaweed.

Thank God for crochet!

I wonder how many more rows I can do before bedtime?

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  • 1. therealsharon  |  June 2, 2011 at 4:41 AM

    OOOO, A purple starfish! Love it! And whatever you set it looks so much like water 🙂


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