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May 28, 2011 at 11:28 PM Leave a comment

Visited my parents today to see their holiday pix. They have just been to Guernsey, which looks lovely. They went in 1968 as well, before I was even a twinkle in their eyes, so they dug out their old slides and got a slide scanner so we could look at them on the telly, which was cool 🙂

My Mum had some excellent clothes in wonderful fabrics, it’s such a shame they are all long gone. One was a green patterned mini dress and I seriously did not see her right away against the background of greenery! 😀

They also had baby pix of me, which was so weird. I could always remember the wallpaper in my first bedroom (we moved out before I was 5) which was pale blue with daisies and other flowers. That was in one of the photos and it was cool to see it. I also remembered another pattern, from a baby seat, and a brown poncho with orange trim and pompoms that I used to love! And the curtains in the lounge of our old house!

I found it a bit odd how much I remembered those patterns and fabrics. Is that normal?

It was fun though 🙂 Now they are scanned in I might get some copies and I just miiiight dare post one or two!

It seems inevitable that I have ended up crocheting, the poncho and its matching orange hat were crocheted by my Nan, as was a lovely blanket, and she taught my Mum, who crocheted while I was gestating! Why did neither of them ever teach me??? I had to learn from a book! But there was that influence from a very early age 😉

Now is time for bed.


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