Crochet Design-Along

May 25, 2011 at 8:11 PM 1 comment

Well, it’s for knitters too, but I only crochet 🙂 It’s a new group on Ravelry where a bunch of people each make a design in 3 months on the same theme. The first theme is Gardens. It’s being run by Alyssa, who is also blogging about it.

I think it’s a great idea and should be a lot of fun and a good learning curve about the design process. I have so far tried sketching ideas and making stuff for myself based on the sketches, some of which have worked better than others… So it will be good to be trying out this process alongside others of varying degrees of experience 🙂

The first step has been to collect images for a mood board. Everyone in the group was supposed to contribute at least one picture, but that rule has been relaxed as this is the first one and latecomers would have been excluded that way. But most people (like me) couldn’t limit ourselves to just one anyway so there are in fact 3 mood boards!

I contributed three images I found online which are on board 3. Although I love informal semi-wild gardens best, for crochet I was drawn to the very formal gardens and looked at historical gardens, medieval to 17th century, for my inspiration. Knot gardens in particular intrigued me as I have just learned how to make cables in crochet (yay, Aran jumpers! :D) and there are some similarities in form.

So I’ve done some sketching and I might go for a bag as I am too much of a beginner to contemplate doing all the sizing required for a garment at this stage! I haven’t got a sketch which isn’t tiny and scratty so I can’t post one yet 🙂 I expect I shall write an update to this project at some point, and if you’re more interested then you could join Ravelry and even join the group to watch. Not everyone in the group has to join in!

I thought it might be fun to have a little round pond in my garden. Not sure if I can work in an actual fountain, but I decided to try to make a ripply pond which implies it might have a fountain in the middle. I had no idea if it was possible to crochet round the back post in the round so I tried anyway. The increases were a challenge as they tended to get a bit twisty until I found a better way. No idea if I did it ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but here is what I made!

Ripply pond.

I have since added a wall round the edge. I’m undecided whether I think it works or not, but it is fun to doodle with yarn! I shall try the pattern with a simple flat pond too and see which is better. When I have a pattern that is… There are still so many ways I could work my idea.

I feel like it would be useful to have a nice ring binder for design ideas, with a section for this project and sections for other projects too. It’s on my to do list… don’t hold your breath…

The other images are so lovely though that I keep looking at them and getting distracted 🙂 but I just don’t have any great ideas how to turn them into crochet, except perhaps the cacti… 🙂 but I could always make 2 projects! Or some little things alongside the main one! Actually, I did have a thought about a rose trellis…

Designing is fun! I love the ideas stage 🙂 I enjoy starting projects and coming up with ideas and trying things out. Not so great at the plugging away middle bit and as for the finishing off, well, that tends to finish me off! But that is a while off yet 😀


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Why am I putting this off? Fruit

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  • 1. Mary G  |  May 26, 2011 at 3:35 AM

    I LOVE the pond … can’t wait to see what you create … I’m still trying to decide between 3 or 4 ideas! Too many ideas … too little time!

    Hugs and enjoy.

    Mary G.


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