Crochet hook pot

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How to Make a Crochet Hook Pot

What a splendid pot my crochet hooks now reside in 😀

My crochet hooks were getting out of control, rolling around, falling off, holding wild parties and keeping me up at night… So I decided to make a pot for them. It is not a good idea to just put a load of hooks in a tube, that is most unstable and will fall over on a whim, there needs to be something to block the end of the tube.

And what better tube end for a pot of crochet hooks than a crocheted one?

I thought I’d share how to make this lovely pot as tonight’s blog post, since I just finished it. There are more pictures on my Ravelry project page. If you like crochet but haven’t yet found Ravelry, check it out I totally recommend it 🙂

The inside of a loo roll.

So, how to make the pot. Take the inner part of a roll of toilet paper, a crochet hook (I used a 4mm), some yarn (I used two colours of double knit acrylic, white and purple), scissors and sticky back paper (I had some leftover from an old project which was just the right size). You could paint the top half if you prefer, or glue fabric or pretty paper to it, or even crochet all the way up.

Sticky back paper.

I started with the crochet, but you can always start by decorating the top part of the pot, then you will know how much crochet to do. Or if you crochet first until you are happy with that, then you will know how far down to decorate the tube. You can always decorate the whole tube if you want, but I prefer to be frugal with materials.

For the crochet, you begin by making a round. I did mine as a two colour spiral as I wanted to try one and also I thought the tube would good with spiral stripes. I like to start with the adjustable ring, rather than chains. I got the instructions for the spiral from a book, but here is a link to a 3 colour one, just use one colour less and maybe a couple extra stitches per round. Sorry, I haven’t read it, but you can always google one if you don’t like it, or join the stripe colour when you start going up the tube, or just make it in one colour. Customisation rules! 😀

Spiral base.

When the disc is big enough (just hold it up to the tube and keep going until it looks right) you need to turn and start to go up the sides, so stop increasing. I shortened my stitches from triples (UK) down to dc via hdc to make my disc just right, but I’m not sure if that is necessary. To give the edge a nice crisp corner, crochet the first round of triples into the back loops only.

I had originally planned to simply have my spiral all of triples, so the stripes would be the same thickness, but I put the tube in after a couple of rounds and it didn’t seem a snug fit. I needed a row of dcs (they are less stretchy than longer stitches) so I thought I’d make my stripes undulate randomly. This was fun 🙂

Simply do some htr before the dcs (extended dc would also work). Some of my undulations were gradual and others used only a couple of htrs and a couple of trs then some double trebles and back again. It’s time to have fun and experiment 😀

It is useful to check the fit is right for the tube from time to time. When you’ve done enough, tie off and do whatever you like to do with ends. Decorate the tube if you haven’t yet and shove it in, then fill with hooks! Or pens or whatever you fancy. Hmm, not water though!

Let me know what you think! I’d love to see a pic if anyone makes one 😀 Or ask if my description was confusing (UK notation).


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