April 29, 2011 at 11:19 PM 1 comment

That’s a good word actually. I’d quite like to alter this nation. But there you go, I was actually thinking about WordPress suggesting alternating between PostADay and PostAWeek. How do I feel about the idea, they ask.

Well, I have no problem if anyone wants to do that, but I signed up for every single day of this year and I am stubborn so I don’t intend to do this. However, I may have to at some point, so I shall bear it in mind as a possibility.

At the moment though, it’s still every day. And trust me, today it is tempting to not bother. But here I am, blogging even though I don’t feel like it. That was part of the point, the discipline.

I missed the last PhotoAWeek 😦 I might post one on it late, or I might not. I’ll just have to see. I’m not great with time, or deadlines. There’s a good bit of understatement for you. Fun Fact: the literary term for understatement is litotes. The Vikings liked using it.

Well, that’ll have to do for today. At least I get to tick that off my non-existent to do list. Yeah, I’ve given up to do lists for the moment. You can’t fret about not doing the stuff on your list if you have no list. That’s my theory anyway, even if it doesn’t actually work… Ho hum.


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  • 1. Kieran Hamilton  |  April 30, 2011 at 12:16 AM

    Writing a to do list is on my to do list!


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