Ex-favourite things?

April 20, 2011 at 10:40 PM 1 comment

WordPress suggests making a list of ten favourite things you haven’t done in over a year. I can’t help wondering how favourite they can be if they have been so neglected.

My first thought was things I can no longer do due to having arthritis but which I used to love. That seems a little gloomy. Then I thought the purpose must surely be to remind us of things we used to enjoy and might have forgotten so we can maybe start doing them again and rediscover them, which is a lot more positive.

I shall start with my list of ten things I used to love, or tried once and enjoyed, but can no longer do:

1. Run. This is a bummer. I don’t mean I used to do running as a hobby, I mean running at all. I used to enjoy the freedom of being able to run.

2. LRP (Live Role Play) otherwise known as running around in the woods dressed bizarrely and hitting your friends with rubber swords 😀 Great fun!

3. Medieval fighting. I used to be a knight and wear armour and fight with broadswords, shields, axes, chain maces, all sorts. Really good fun. Now I can hardly lift any of it. But great memories!

4. Climb trees and generally clamber about.

5. Ride a bicycle. I did find one I could ride a hire place once, with a high back to the seat which you braced against to pedal, rather than bracing against the handlebars, and the handlebars were high and in a comfortably laid position. My hands and arms are not strong enough to lean on like you with a conventional bike. I loved riding that bike but it cost £600 and then the hire one got stolen and not replaced 😦 I don’t even know what it was called so I can’t find one to consider saving up for.

6. Caving. I tried this once and loved most of it. The tiny wire ladders are a bit scary, but I managed, and the squeeze was scary but fun as I was thinner than people I saw had managed it. The underground river was beautiful and thrilling. The second cave in the same day was a bit much and I got tired which was scary when my foot slipped, but the whole thing was amazing. I’d have gone again, but it clashed with other hobbies.

7. Hang gliding. Again tried once, and got ten feet off the ground on a tethered flight, which was fantastic, but it would have taken too much time commitment, travelling for hours and only maybe getting to fly, with a lot to learn. Maybe I could go up now on a joint flight, but it’s really expensive!

8. Long walks. I still go for walks, but can only manage short ones and can’t go fast or cope with rough terrain. I would love to do a really long walk staying in hostels or camping, like the Pennine way, but that’s just not possible. Even with a llama carrying my stuff! 🙂

9. Heavy lifting and generally being strong.

10. Number ten intentionally left blank.

I’m not sure how healthy it is for me to make that sort of list though. Better to focus on what I can do. I shall try a list more in the spirit of what must have been intended. But that will have to be another day as this post is quite long enough!

Have you done any of the more unusual of these things? Would you want to try them or hate to? Which things would you hate to not be able to do any more?


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  • 1. kaet  |  April 22, 2011 at 1:28 AM

    Have you tried a recumbent bicycle? It might be difficult in other ways, but I don’t think you’d find it hard on your hands, at least.


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