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It seems to have been a while since I had to resort to a filler post and the last was due to a busy day. I wonder if that means I am getting better at the discipline of daily blogging or if it maybe means that me health is improving somewhat so I haven’t had that debilitating too tired to care thing when I can’t put off blogging any longer and have to squeeze something out before collapsing into bed.

Or just the luck of the draw?

I don’t know which it is, either way, I like it!

I would expect to be tired today as well, due to having not got my eight hours last night, or the night before. I was a bit tired this morning and had to resort to a little doze, but have been better than expected.

We went out yesterday as Tim had a lull in his work. I bought yarn! 😀 and books! 😀 So today I have been mostly reading and crocheting. Oh yes, and being visited by a local political candidate in response to my email about road bumps.

The post I wrote this week about hating road bumps had been triggered by a campaign leaflet you see; they were saying how one thing they want to tackle is the speeding where I live, and as I know the road I live on is one of the worst, I had a panic about the thought of road bumps being installed on the road I live on and never being able to drive anywhere without having to go over the wretched things!

So I sent them an email about it.

I had been wondering why they hadn’t replied yet, but then we had a visit from the candidate, a nice young man called Ben. I thought it was the policemen who were supposed to get younger, but I guess it’s everyone… 😉

He was able to reassure me that they had not considered putting road bumps here and he hates them too. Which is a big relief!

I think if they tried it I’d have to lie in the road to stop them or something, so I’m glad I don’t have to do that. I doubt it would work and I find it difficult to get down and up off the ground.

Well, I might not be finding it difficult to blog tonight, but I am running out of things to say, so I shall stop there!


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  • 1. astrawally  |  April 15, 2011 at 8:35 PM

    I’m glad you got a response, that is excellent.
    Much Love
    Astra Wally


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