Redesigning annoying things

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Today’s prompt seems strangely appropriate. So very many things annoy me and I find many things badly designed. I sometimes think I should have become a designer. I really appreciate good design, when I come across it. The functionality is the most important thing, but if it can be attractive as well, so much the better. It is intriguing how these so often go hand in hand, that the elegant solution is also elegant in appearance.

Packaging is one of the worst offenders, especially with my weak arthritic hands! I would mostly redesign that by removing it. Most of our products are vastly overpackaged and just end up filling landfill 😦

For example, bananas. God designed those with pretty good packaging, so why do we feel the need to put them in plastic bags???

Bananas have their own packaging!

Clothes are bugging me at the moment. My shoulders are stiff and painful, putting on normal clothes can be challenging; removing them can be far far worse. There have been times I have preferred to sit and suffer being too warm rather than try and remove a garment. Usually I can’t take it and then just have to struggle out while I’m too hot, which is worse again.

I look like a turtle flipped on its back. But with a red face and wobbly flabby bits. And probably swearing under its breath.

So, what with all the crocheting and making medieval doll clothes and buying sewing machines I have been doing recently, I have decided to redesign clothes.

I have lots of ideas and scribbles on paper. I have a failed prototype Mark I and a sort of not quite right but getting there prototype Mark II. I have begun Mark III. This is my Top Secret Project.

The moral dilemma, which I feel is faintly ridiculous really, is this: do I share my new designs with the world for free or try to market them and make some money. Not that I think I’d become a millionaire from this idea, but at least enough so I’m no longer financially dependant on the state and/or my husband would be nice. And hey, if it did take off, someone would be making money from it, so why not me?

First though, I have to perfect the designs. Development is tricky and I have no qualifications, unless you counts GCSE Art, for which one of my pieces was in fact a six foot tall, hand sewn soft sculpture cactus…

To be fair, I have also attended a course on pattern cutting and have made clothes, both medieval for re-enactment and normal(ish) ones. So I’m not completely insane!

Mostly though, I suspect it’s a fun hobby whereby I shall make myself some odd looking garments which my husband is too embarrassed by to let me wear outside the house. Hmm, just as well I don’t get out much…

The thing is, for such radical new ways of fastening garments to really benefit disabled people, the elderly, and anyone else who just fancies a change, they need to catch on in the mainstream, or they’ll just be like ugly splints.

That’s a whole other future post – designing splints so they are not ugly. I went through that a couple of years ago when I had to wear a hand splint all the time for 6 months. Now I don’t need to use it so much, especially with the crochet strengthening my hands 🙂

I wonder if it’s possible for a clothing manufacturing company to purchase rights to make garments to my new designs but give me royalties? Can you patent a garment design? Or would I be better off writing a book of patterns and marketing that? Along with selling individual patterns on the web using PayPal. It could work a bit, but I would also like the idea to benefit the maximum amount of people. Could I possibly disseminate it widely enough?

And what about my thesis?…

What do you think?


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