April Fool’s Day extra post!

April 1, 2011 at 9:38 PM Leave a comment

Because this one won’t wait, except maybe a whole nother year…

The best April Fool ever was when I was a child and it started to snow. My Dad told us to go look for a snowbow, which we did, thrilled at the idea of such a thing, which must surely be amazingly gorgeous, combining rainbow colours with sparkly snow.

Of course, we didn’t see one. We supposed they didn’t exist, so Dad, with his usual quick thinking, had caught us with a fool that we not only totally fell for, but totally wished was real.

But they are real!!!

So the joke’s on you, Dad 😀

I saw it on TV (so it must be real…) in passing on a documentary about polar bears. Sorry, I haven’t got a link. And in fact, the reality was a bit disappointing. In fact, it was a total let-down compared to what I had fondly imagined. It was kind of grey. But the thrill of seeing one after all those years (nearly 30?) more than made up for it as I phoned him in excitement 🙂

So there you go, not just my quarter year bloggiversary, but a double post too 🙂


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