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March 31, 2011 at 9:00 PM 1 comment

This is freaky, I had just decided to finally get round to writing a post about dreams, and then I happened to check the prompt for today, only to find it’s about dreams!

The prompt asks what would be in my dream if I could control it. Well, really I prefer to just see what happens, although I would certainly prefer one of the entertaining ones to the terrifyingly tedious ones I get if I am focussed too much on learning something and not putting fun ingredients into the brain for it to play with. I suppose it can’t create a good dream out of Norwegian verb tables…

During my first 3 weeks in Norway, when I was on the intensive language course and had no TV and only one novel, which I finished in a few days, my dreams were mostly about learning Norwegian. That was kind of annoying! I spent all day doing that, I hoped for some time off at night! And it’s not as if I wasn’t doing fun stuff which you’d think it could have turned into fun dreams, forests, lakes, museums, a new city to explore.

I suppose it’s the intense focus I have, where if I have a new thing to learn, it gets in my dreams. This year I have had dreams about blogging and about crochet…

But my preferred sort of dream has flying, running through strange landscapes, interesting people, weird things happening, it’s hard to describe as they evaporate rather on waking up. I wrote a poem about that once, I might dig it out and post it some time.

Things I really don’t want in my dreams include anything horrible scary and nightmarish; lifts; needing the toilet; packing infinite things into a bag; excess teeth; not being able to find what I’m looking for; etc etc.

The lifts are bad. They are very very high and fast, they are just a small platform with no walls to the cubicle, the platform is a metre or more from the wall and I have to jump across. If I do so, I end up crouched on the floor clutching it in such terror that when I get to the top there is no way I am moving as I’d only have to get down again somehow. Then it never gets back to the bottom because someone always summons it to another floor. These other people never seem to mind the scary lifts!

The stupid thing is, in my dreams I can fly! So why do I need the lift at all? And why would I be scared at jumping across the gap?

Hunting for the toilet happens if I start to need a wee, which I usually avoid by not drinking too close to bedtime. But if I do, then I find toilets which are in the middle of an auditorium, or otherwise just far too public, or they are actually not really toilets but I’m weeing into an armchair or something! That is scary as it surely leads to bedwetting… (NOT something which has happened I assure you!)

That led to one of the weirdest bits I have dreamt ever. I was in a huge place with stalls selling stuff and I asked someone where the nearest loo was. This was his reply, I kid you not. ‘The closest toilet is if you wake up and use the one in your house.’ He honest to God really said that in my dream! So I woke up and used it.

Well, this post is quite long enough now and I haven’t even got to the earliest dreams I remember, which were from when I must have been about 5 years old.

Go on, share some weird dream anecdote – you know you want to!


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  • 1. astrawally  |  March 31, 2011 at 10:41 PM

    I have had dreams were I felt in control but I think I was in that state were I was almost awake. The most frequent/reoccurring dream I have is more of a night terror. Basically am almost killed by a dead look version of myself that appears out the shadows of my room – apparently it is to do with with one part of my personality trying to get rid of the other and unless I address the balance I will never find enlightenment. This is probably not a response you were looking for but I felt the need to share with someone. Thank you
    Much Love
    Astra Wally


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