What I learned this year – Crochet!

March 19, 2011 at 8:51 PM 1 comment

OK so the WordPress prompt said biggest lesson of the year, but maybe that’s crochet too. As in, if I just work on my thesis without doing any hobbies, I will break! Wibble! So I took a break and took up crochet.

Funnily enough, crochet is the thing I always threatened to take up if I quit my PhD. You know the feeling, you’re trying to work on a ridiculously hard project, like writing a novel or a thesis, or learning brain surgery or whatever and you say ‘oh well, if it doesn’t work out I shall sit in a corner and take up crochet.’

I’m enjoying the crochet.

It’s easier than the thesis…

Not that I quit! I’m just on a break…

I have been doing various crafts in my break, and had been on the lookout for a book about crochet. Or a magazine, whatever. Strange how knitting is so popular but crochet just isn’t. Eventually I came across one with nice clear instructions and it was half price, so I bought it. It’s called ‘Funky Chunky Crochet’ 🙂 Then went in a craft shop and bought a hook. Yarn, I already have. (Quite a lot actually…)

So I tried out the basic stitches and made some trial bits:

My first attempts at crochet

It took a while for me to figure out tension…

Then I made this ipod holder:

My first crocheted actual thing! My ipod holder.

For those of you who know crochet, it is half triple (US half double) and I made up the way to make it without sewing it together. It’s probably a recognised technique, I would hardly expect to actually invent something, but I do enjoy playing around with crafts I learn and just trying stuff out.

Based on the idea of rounds, after crocheting into the foundation chain, I crocheted back along the other side of it rather than doing the next row up, then made the whole pouch in one. That’s why the flap doesn’t look like the same stitch as the body. The flap is a bit uneven, but it’s not too bad for a first go. I shall do a fancy decorative edge and add a fastening soon.

I enjoyed making that, so I thought I’d try another pouch, but with a different opening:

Pouch closed.

Pouch with its mouth open!

I feel it should have eyes or something… 😀

Then I made a box! It’s a bit floppy, but it does stand up:

Crocheted box.

Box upside down.

I have yet to decide how to do the lid.

Then I went to a craft shop again and got some chunky wool, so I thought I’d give one of the patterns in the Funky Chunky book a go and I made a hat! I was amazed how fast the hat grew and was very pleased with the result, even if my husband thinks it looks a bit like a tea cosy and didn’t want me to make one for him… and he seemed so impressed at first! I think he likes it really.

My hat! Looking a bit wonky, I should have been more careful how I positioned it, but I can't be bothered to go and redo it, sorry.

I might jazz it up a bit. There are loads of ideas in Funky Chunky for embellishing the designs. I fancy the curlicues (if you click the book link, Amazon has look inside on this book and the gallery shows some ideas, including curlicues (yes, I am a bit mad… (the excessive bracketing may be a hint…)))

I did try to get a photo of me wearing the hat, but it is dark and using flash in a mirror doesn’t work. I could ask Tim, but he is downstairs. You’ll just have to wait – I may or may not get round to it… 😀

So that’s something I learned this year. I think it’s cool that last year I couldn’t do this and now I have made a hat!


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  • 1. Bryan Hemming  |  April 27, 2013 at 4:32 PM

    I used to knit as a boy. With three sisters, and my father´s wool shop, it was inevitable I would be knitting woolly mittens, while the other boys were playing soccer, No, that´s not quite true. When not kicking a ball, I tried knitting, and just did a thing that kept growing and growing into a long strip without turning into a pullover, like it turned out whenever my auntie knitted.


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