Why is this house so dusty?

March 18, 2011 at 4:24 PM Leave a comment

I’m not the best housekeeper, but I never have been and I am convinced that this house is at least twice as dusty as anywhere I’ve lived before!

Am I going mad (no snarky remarks here please!) or is this possible?

It seems so odd because when I compare here to the flat I lived in before, with my cat, there is one more human but also nearly twice the space. I know dust is partly made of dead skin cells, but that can’t be the whole story, or there would be no difference.

Maybe it is coming from outside? My husband opens doors and windows more than I tended to. Also the windows have those venty things, although those are not open so much in winter. But why would this location be more dusty than my old flat, which I can see from the window?

It’s not just that there is more dust, but it’s strange dust. It seems to be on the heavy side and a bit fluffy. That probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I had to dust some of my shoes today. That seems weird to start with. I don’t remember having to dust shoes much anywhere else. I used a cheap pastry brush, they are soft and I find them useful for dusting fiddly bits. I brushed the dust off into the bin and most of it fell down into the bin, rather than floating off around the room. Sure there was a little dust cloud, but it seemed to mostly settle into the bin.

How often is it normal to have to dust shoes anyway?

The house was empty when we moved in and it did strike me as surprisingly dusty, but it had been empty a few months and had strange people living in it before (yes, OK, and now šŸ˜‰ but strange in a different way. There were no fixtures for hanging curtains or blinds, or toilet roll holders, no hooks, nothing. Weird.) so I thought maybe they never dusted, ever. It seemed possible, even likely.

But thinking back, although you could see where a bed had been, it was not outlined in dust or anything.

So I thought I’d poke around Google. The first page I found was this one. Nothing I didn’t know really, apart from the third comment down, claiming that dust comes from the paint on walls and ceilings. Ah now, that is interesting because the paint on this house is seriously nasty.

I don’t just mean that it’s magnolia mania, but that the paint is such low quality. It is powdery, it rubs off. It sucks the grease off fingerprints almost before they have touched it. If you try to clean it, it comes off on the cloth!

So now I think that is the source of all this dust. In fact I am convinced of it. They ought to ban such foul stuff! I am now thinking my lungs are getting slowly coated in a layer of magnolia paint dust and when I die they will cut open my lungs and all my alveoli and bronchioles will be magnolia! Aaaaaagh!!! šŸ˜®

I’m not the only one to believe one house dustier than another, as this post complains. This one reckons 60% is from outside, but we tend to leave our shoes by the door anyway.

This article says dust can be made of literally anything šŸ™‚ and that dusting tends to add more dust to the air, just to settle later… But it certainly makes my duster grubby, and as I said, brushing it into the bin seems to work.

But I still think it’s the paint.

Ewww! Marks from blue tack and the failed attempt to remedy them šŸ˜¦

See what I mean? Revolting! (The dark corners are just from the flash) But it’s such a huge task to repaint the whole house. Nonetheless, I think that has to be added to the long term to-do list.

What are your thoughts on dust?


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