Missionaries from Poiana visit

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Today I felt quite tired and didn’t make the morning service (not uncommon for me) but the evening service more than made up for it. We had a visit from two of the Chalmers family, who are missionaries in Poiana, a small village near Constanta, Romania.

I visited there with a group from our church in 2006 so it was great to hear their news, especially since Romania joined the EU, which was being discussed when I was there. It seems food has got more expensive, which is a huge problem for people on such tiny budgets as many of those they help. It is no cheaper than it is here. Some of the children had no shoes in winter!

And their health care is not free. One lady was healed from cancer – just as well, as she would not have been able to afford treatment. Another has a thyroid problem. Her meds cost £40 a month and her teenage son could only earn £6 a day working long hours in the fields to fund his whole family. The three afternoons a week he was at school he didn’t get paid for. She had an operation on Friday, costing about £200 which the church paid for, so hopefully she won’t need the meds any more.

My Mum had thyroid cancer. The health care she got was brilliant and her meds are free. It makes me grateful to live here, as long as the government don’t ruin the NHS.

I should really stop whining about my small problems. They loom so large when I’m only thinking about myself, but struggling to write a thesis is such an insignificant problem compared to what many people face on a daily basis.

When I got back five years ago I thought what I had seen would make me less selfish. I think it did for a while, but I guess it wore off. My arthritis is somewhat worse than it was then, so I don’t think I’d be any use going back. I only know enough Romanian to be able to say ‘I know very little Romanian’ and a few other polite phrases, most of which I have forgotten too. So it’s good to be reminded.

Next time I catch myself indulging in a bout of the ‘poor me’s’ I shall instead pray for some of the people we heard about today.


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