The Blank Page

March 4, 2011 at 9:52 PM Leave a comment

O Blank Page I both love and fear you.

You taunt me, torment me, tempt me.

Your emptiness filled with endless possibility

The infinite options both beckon and bemuse.

What should I write about today?

It could be anything, anything at all

Or nothing.


My head spins with possibilities

Twirling and swirling.

Black marks on white, like tracks in snow

Where do they lead? How can I know?

I follow them and find they are my own.

Lost in words.


O Blank Page, you are a receptacle,

A vehicle for my thoughts

I pour them out, spilling letters,

Punctuation, marring your white.

Where will you carry my words?



Through space and time, cyberspace,

Eternal, ephemeral, e-words.

My words, leaving me,

No longer mine, I set them free,

Flying like autumn leaves



They float and spin on the digital current

Streaming dots of code

Thoughts become words, become binary.

They find a new blank screen

And fill it. O Blank Page, you are

No longer blank.



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