Medieval Man Doll Shirt

March 1, 2011 at 7:58 PM 2 comments

By popular request, here is the result of my Saturday Crafternoon making medieval doll clothes. Now I’m not very fast and I like to hand sew, so I was quite pleased to have managed to make a whole garment, even if it is just an undershirt. I did take the doll I began already (three weeks ago now!) but Mum had a gift for me of a man doll who had the perfect look to be medieval 😀 Thanks Mum! They make a lovely couple.

Here is my new doll in the shirt I made:

Medieval man doll in his new shirt

The fabric is fine natural linen, same as for the first doll. You might notice his legs are a little uneven – that’s after I gave him drastic liposuction with my sharp little scissors! I might have to build up his thin leg too, depending on how tight the hose will need to be. I also had to trim one of his upper arms and might have to give him some shoulders, but none of us is perfect, right 😉

The technique I used to make the shirt is the same as for the shift of the other doll, except I finished off the neck with some embroidery thread instead of trying to hem a fold as it would have frayed, I’m afraid.

My Mum uses glue a lot and told me to do that, but I like the tiny sewing and I still have some funny ideas about authenticity, being a re-enactor, although I didn’t use linen thread. I don’t care that the doll itself is inauthentic – neither are re-enactors as we don’t infect ourselves with lice or worms etc etc…

Close up of head showing collar

Hmm, my camera is rather unforgiving of the slightly uneven stitches – it doesn’t look that bad to my eye!

Next I shall have to make some braies for him (that’s like medieval underpants) and some hose (leg coverings, which in this period, I’m going for early fourteenth century, would most likely have been separate legs tied onto the waist tie for his braies).

I don’t have patterns for that and haven’t made men’s clothes of this period before, so I tried searching the web, but hit a freaky weirdness to do with virus protection software and something tried to download that I never wanted so I got put off that. I can work something out I’m sure. It’s annoying that none of my medieval costume books have such a basic pattern though 😦


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Two months Happy Cheering-Up Day Out :)

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  • 1. corisel  |  March 2, 2011 at 8:37 AM

    The shirt looks great and the doll is perfect. What a great find – it looks SO medieval. I didn’t know that 14th century trousers were separate leg coverings tied to the waistband. In fact I’d never speculated about them. Amazing what you can find out if you ask the right questions. Thanks for posting I’m looking forward to the next installment.

  • 2. Fanny Agåker  |  March 2, 2011 at 5:41 PM

    Oooo pretty pretty! 😀


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