February 11, 2011 at 8:21 PM 1 comment

Today I have no inspiration for what to write here. Sorry. I shall try to write something anyway, just for the discipline of it.

Strictly speaking then it is not nothing, so the title is not entirely correct. Maybe I ought to change it to nothing much. But I can’t be arsed, sorry again.

Aaaargh! This must be one of those days. For no apparent reason, WordPress just logged me out in the middle of writing this post. How tedious!

Actually, that felt good, screaming, albeit virtually.


That’s just about as long a scream as I can manage on this blog. I did a longer one first, but it just went off the screen.

I’m still not back to normal, whatever normal is. Not back to my normal self. Hmm, again, whatever that is as it shifts over time. The normal self I was last year is not the same as the normal self I was twenty years ago.

I hope this is not my new normal though. I don’t like it. It is very unproductive. And I’m not the most marvellously productive person at the best of times.

At least my creativity is beginning to dribble back, a little at a time. I had a new story idea last night, that might make a better screenplay. And another one this morning, in a totally different genre. But after I wrote them down, with some ideas of how they could be developed, I got discouraged.

I hope writing becomes fun again soon!

Oh well, at least I have written a blog post now, even if it’s not much good.

Do you ever feel like screaming? I prefer screaming online, it doesn’t give me a sore throat! Feel free to scream here on the comments if it helps.


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