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I am a strange mix between disciplined and undisciplined. Take this blog. I have managed to post every single day this year, which is disciplined. But some of the posts have been of the ‘this is not a proper post as I am too tired/ill’ variety, which is not so disciplined.

I have instigated a scheme of daily post themes, which is disciplined; but I have not managed to follow it consistently, which is not.

In the rest of my life, I can keep a box of chocolates, opened, next to where I sit watching television and eat just one or two a day, sometimes none. That is disciplined. Tim can’t do that! And I have managed to lose 2.5 stone in 2 years, which is disciplined. Even if I do occasionally allow myself the treat of dessert…

My diet theory is that if you regularly eat extra calories, that is known to increase your weight, so must be avoided (I don’t have a box of chocolates around most of the time, so most days I have no chocolate). But one day on which an excess of calories is consumed is not going to have the same effect, the body won’t store all those calories all of a sudden (I’m guessing!) so if I allow myself dessert once a month, it can be a mad, over the top, huge, delicious massively calorific dessert! 😀

I am good at delayed gratification.

But I also excel at delaying disliked tasks, sometimes known as procrastination, or burying one’s head in the sand…

I can put off tasks for months and am horrified when I realise how long I’ve managed to delay.

As a tactic, this sometimes works, as the tasks is no longer required by then. But more often, it results in big fat problems!

I sure need more discipline when it comes to tidiness. I am very undisciplined there. Massively. Vastly. Gargantuanly. And that’s not even a real word, that’s how bad it is!

I can throw stuff away if it’s definitely rubbish, especially if it is also recyclable, no problems. But I am not good at moving on from actual stuff. I don’t aspire to the minimal lifestyle. I don’t like that sort of environment. It would be like living in a hotel all the time (not good). If I go to a hotel, the first thing I want to do in the room is spread my stuff around!

But I would prefer my home to be somewhat less messy. I can visualise how I would it to be. In some ways I can do that all too well and almost see how I want it to be, rather than how it actually is!

Tim just sees a pig sty. Which upsets me, as there is not actually any poo. Unless you count the turtle coprolite fossil neatly labelled in a little box among other geological specimens on display in my bathroom. But that is not untidy!

Yes, that is fossilised poo...

Part of my problem is that tidying involves many many little decisions, and I find decision making tiring. If I know where a thing goes and there is no problem putting it there, that is not tiring, apart from the physicality of bending and lifting. But it’s the things I am not sure about which cause the trouble.

First, do I keep it or not? If I keep it, where can it go? If I don’t keep it, how best to dispose of it? I have a horror of landfill, it is one of the evils of modern society and I try very hard to avoid adding to it. I despair of modern packaging, but that’s a whole other post! Re-use is best; recycling is only marginally better than landfill, as it uses energy resources. But will the charity shop want this item? Maybe it needs cleaning first, which means it ends up in a to do pile, which will most likely linger and never get done…

Oh, and I’m not disciplined enough in the length of my posts… this one is now quite long enough! And I haven’t had my breakfast yet.

What about you? Are you disciplined, undisciplined or an odd mix like me?


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  • 1. Caroline  |  February 5, 2011 at 6:25 PM

    I, as you may know, am disciplined. I like order and schedules, and lists and routine. And i stick to things. I like to get into the habit of doing things, it makes me feel ordered and organised. And in control, i am a bit of a control freak.


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