My first month of daily blogging

January 31, 2011 at 10:15 PM Leave a comment

Serendipitously, and quite by accident, my daily blogging monthiversary happens to fall on the designated day for a post about writing.

It has been an interesting experience. It hasn’t always been easy. I started full of excitement for my new hobby and was happy to watch my stats growing. Less happy on days when they slipped a bit.

Oh the fascination verging on obsession of the site stats…

This blog has been most popular on Saturdays so far, although I don’t know whether that reflects general blog reading habits or the popularity of my disorganisation topic.

Another very interesting thing which showed in my stats is the effect of having some off days. Because of feeling blah I let myself off writing more time consuming posts for four days running (apologies for the slip in standards, I intend to get more organised and have some in reserve, but I hadn’t done them yet).

The first three of those days I still had my average number of hits, but then they dropped to about a third and stayed low for five days, despite the resuming of effort to write better content.

This suggests that it is not a good idea to write filler posts for long! I expect one or two might not have shown much of a dip. Today is the first day my stats have been back up to the pre-blah level. Hopefully that means such a dip can be recovered from!

I also spent less time reading and commenting on other blogs while I felt blah, which might have contributed, as commenting on blogs is one of the fun interactive things I like about WordPress and especially this PostADay challenge.

Commenting on each other’s blogs is a great way to connect with people across the world, finding things in common, or fascinating differences. Some people might try that just to increase traffic to their blog – we’ve all seen those spam comments! But the reason they try it is because it works – up to a point. If the comment is just ‘read my blog’ they get ignored. But if the comment is joining in a conversation, their blog might be worth checking out, in case they might become a friend.

It seems that building a good blog is a mix of attracting views and keeping readers coming back.

Attracting views is all about writing snappy titles, and maybe the first few lines. Also tagging for the search engines. Commenting on blogs, posting links in FaceBook, telling friends your blog address work too.

The post with the most hits on this blog so far was the one about my favourite local second hand bookshop, Scarthin Books, where I had taken some photos. They liked my post and linked to it on their FaceBook page and blog.

But getting people to visit is only half the battle. When I read blogs, I only keep coming back if they hold my interest. Either telling me stuff, or making me laugh, or making a connection.

The best thing about the internet is that connection with people all around the world. That’s been my favourite thing about the web right from the old days of DOS newsgroups in the early nineties. (Oh I can almost hear that sound. You know the one, if you’ve been a geek long enough…)

Especially as I don’t get out much. The internet is a Godsend for disabled geeks like me! 🙂

So here’s to another month of daily blogging and then another.

What do you think makes a good blog? How can I improve this blog? (If you comment, you know I’ll check out your blog 😀 I might even leave a comment for you!)

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