Why blog?

January 4, 2011 at 8:32 PM Leave a comment

I mentioned my blog to my Dad today and he wondered what the point was. Especially when I have my thesis to work on. Why write this when I could be writing thesis instead?

It’s a good question.

There are many reasons to blog, not all of which apply to this blog.

One which does is that it is good to foster the habit of writing daily. Of course it is possible to write daily in a journal. Much harder to write a bit of thesis every day!

But one of the things which helps a resolution to be kept is accountability. So having a blog is a way to be accountable for a decision to write every day. If I fail to write in my journal, nobody need know except me and God. But if I miss a day here you will all know!

Another reason is that it is good to connect with people and communicate. I can do that on Facebook, but there is not much room on a status update for the kind of thoughts which can be written in a blog.

Neither is it polite to flood people’s news feed!

The university ran a course on social networking for postgrads, which included blogging, so they must think it is a good thing for researchers to blog. It provides a link between academia and the real world. It’s good for people in the real world to know what sort of interesting research is happening and to find out about it.

It’s also good for researchers to be involved in letting people know what exciting new stuff we’re finding out! Not that this is a proper academic blog – that will come later this year. Yes indeed, watch out for the thrilling new blog on runes in stavechurches which I will be rolling out some time in spring!

But this one is good practice, as well as being a slightly more relaxed place where I can discuss whatever I feel like at the time, whether it is runes or lunch.

Not too much lunch though, I promise. I know some of you are not fans of knowing what people eat! And this is hardly intended to be a cooking blog.

I have to admit that this blog is somewhat unfocussed as yet.

But I’m having fun writing it, and isn’t that the best reason to do something? As long as it does no harm.

If I find this is taking time which I might actually have used to write my thesis, I might have to rethink it. But at the moment, I am using time which I would not be using to work anyway.

Why do you blog? Or why don’t you blog?


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